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"We have two male King Charles Spaniels. One has a calm demeanor. The other was needier and frequently erupted in disturbing and lengthy bouts of crying and yelping with a tone of fear (separation anxiety).

I work from my home office so you can imagine my problem. We tested him using the Blue Spot Pets - Brain Wellness Program and put him on the supplements listed in the wellness report.

He is a new dog. The bouts of crying and yelping have stopped. We have retested and modified the supplements he takes. With each retest he showed improvement.

Now both dogs spend much of their day napping. By the way, we considered medication (drugs not supplements) and actually spoke to our Vet about the problem. We are so happy we tested with Blue Spot Pets instead. Our dog is happy, we are happy and he is not taking drugs."

-parents of King Charles Spaniels


The textbooks, the internet - no one explains it as well as your reports - enough detail for a doctor, but common sense things for a client to be able to recognize symptomatically in their pet.

Dr. Susan Klein




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