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Meet Dr. Susan Klein, Veterinary Practioner proponent of the Blue Spot Pets Brain Wellness Program

Natural Brain Balance for Optimal Health

Blue Spot Pets (BSP) provides customized Brain Wellness Programs® created by expert clinicians to provide natural brain balance and wellbeing for dogs.  The term “Blue Spot” refers to the principal site in the brain for synthesis of norepinephrine, which is the neurotransmitter most responsible for concentration. 

We work with a variety of clients from the comfort of their home, using an online functional medicine model to help them achieve optimal brain health for their canine partners.  Working dogs as well as personal pets take advantage of this unique program.

The BSP Brain Wellness Program evolved out of the program developed for humans by our sister company, Neurogistics. The Neurogistics Brain Wellness Program, used to improve the health of thousands of patients including athletes, children, and adults has a history of success. A common thread in the core beliefs of both companies is that transition to optimal health begins with balancing the brain.  Therefore, we created a simple, research based, all natural program to achieve brain wellness.  Research has shown that an imbalance of neurotransmitter and amino acid levels in dogs results in the same problems found in humans.

At times, owners need more information about the reporting.  There could be additional underlying conditions that led to the neurotransmitter imbalance shown.  Blue Spot Pets is happy to offer nutritional consulting services to review the test results and work with the owner on additional testing as needed.  BSP is a full service virtual practice, taking a holistic approach to optimal pet health

Key facts unique to BSP products:

  • Well Controlled Dosage and Product Quality
    • All supplements are manufactured in the United States at FDA approved facilities for the contract manufacturing of specialized formulas for humans.
    • Supplements meet or exceed label claims (same as required for pharmaceuticals in the USA)
    • Supplements are tested three times at independent laboratories
      • The raw ingredient is tested
      • The mixed product is tested
      • The completed product is tested a third time.
  • Contrasts with Herbal supplements
    • In herbal remedies the amount of amino acid delivered may vary according to the environmental conditions and nutrients in the soil where the herb is grown. 
    • The amount of amino acid delivered is not determined in the rigorous manor used with BSP products so the amount of amino acid delivered per dose and therefore the amount of neurotransmitter produced lacks the reliability of BSP products.
  • BSP products are in pure powder form and thus more available for uptake in the animal’s system.
  • The BSP functional medicine model measures what is missing in the dog’s system and removes guesswork in determining what the pet truly needs.

Why Blue Spot Pets?

The Blue Spot Pets Program is based on an extensive data collection and analysis.  This includes a large volume of data from the treatment of canine and equine patients across Europe as well as data in the US comparing tested levels of neurotransmitters and amino acids to actual behavior characteristics.   Some of the characteristics are the following:   Abbreviated Attention Span, Lack of Focus, Hyperactivity, Aggression, Excessive Chewing, Excessive Barking and Separation Anxiety.

Wired Differently

Do you wish that your dog would behave more appropriately in all venues?  That is, whether in a group of dogs (pack behavior) with many distractions or when he is just with you?  Training is certainly a significant contributor to a dog’s behavior.  However, physical and mental health should not be ignored.   When the dog’s brain chemistry is within accepted norms the ability to respond to stress and handle everyday encounters is increased.  Proper brain chemistry can even aid with their digestion.  When neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine are properly balanced, scientific research reveals, that this proper balance can improve many aspects of his life.  This includes things like relationships in the pack, energy, sleep and responses to stress. 
Genetics, in-utero stress, nutrition, pack hierarchy, traumas, neglect, and abuse all play a part in their brain chemistry, also known as their neurotransmitter makeup. Ideally, neurotransmitters should be balanced, however many times they are not. It is difficult for our dogs to correct behavioral and emotional challenges with behavior modification alone. Even with the best environment, a dog will have difficulty changing behaviors with an imbalanced brain; it simply may be beyond his capacity. 

The Big Picture

A well designed, comprehensive, Brain Wellness Program is the missing piece of the puzzle for solving your dog’s behavioral and emotional challenges, and complements many behavior modification approaches.  As you can imagine, without a healthy brain, it is difficult for the dog to focus consistently and to learn the objectives of his training session.
Through the use of state-of-the-art testing modalities and pharmaceutical grade supplementation, the Blue Spot Pets Program can make a difference in your pet’s life.  The goal of the program is to help pets and their families reach their optimal potential, naturally.

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