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Mood Disorders

Depression and Mood Disorders

There are many causes of emotional problems. For example, dogs can pick up on issues the owner may have such as illness, stress or strife between family members. They can suffer from feeling depressed and have unregulated moods just like people. The primary symptoms of depression and mood disorders revolve around sadness, a feeling of hopelessness, and mood changes, along with lethargy or varying energy levels. Your pet may have these or other symptoms that cause challenges in their everyday life and interfere with their happiness in your home.

It is extremely common for pets who are suffering from symptoms of depression, lethargy, and incongruent mood to have deficient inhibitory support, most commonly serotonin. Often times low serotonin levels are reported in pets who suffer from these symptoms. Despite the human in their lives making the best effort to feed them the right foods and to ensure they get enough exercise, their body just won't produce the mood elevating serotonin they need. Supplementation can rebuild the serotonin and provide long term balance to a depressed brain. The only way to measure serotonin levels is through testing. When serotonin and other neurotransmitters are in balance, the body can create a much more receptive environment for change to occur. Furthermore, when your pet is able to have better neurotransmitter levels, new and positive behavior patterns can occur.

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