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Behavior Issues

Hyperactivity, Aggression, and Behavior Issues

When a pet is over sensitive to typical stressors, acts out with intense whining and barking spells, has aggressive outbursts and behaviors, and appears to have little control over their mood, the pack leader should realize this is more than just a "stage". The pet's unacceptable behavior is because their brain is over firing and over time their neurotransmitters become depleted. With this we generally see extremely high or low excitatory neurotransmitters, indicating that these neurotransmitters are overworked or always on. The pet has little calming, inhibitory support, which is necessary for them to feel balanced, and to learn how to respond appropriately to stress.

Pets suffering from problematic behaviors often times have a deficiency in making the calming neurotransmitter serotonin. It is reported that 75-95% of serotonin is manufactured in the GI tract. If the gut is not healthy, it becomes difficult to have a balanced brain and control over ones behaviors. Blue Spot Pets' testing can identify whether or not your dog's neurotransmitters and GI tract are working effectively.

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