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Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

As in the human population, the inability to let go of worries may cause anxiety and panic in dogs. Children express anxious and unsettling feelings in different ways; tantrums, avoidance and dissociation, inability to let go of thoughts, overwhelming urges, self-harm (picking, scratching), repetitive behaviors, and verbal expression. Dogs are limited in their options for expression. Outward signs of anxiety and panic may manifest in random barking, howling, and crying with a tone of fear and or a wide eyed expression on their face. It is systemic of underlining anxiety that may come from a variety of internal and external cues, like genetic factors, trauma, or even just a sensitive brain. However, balancing neurotransmitter levels can help to calm dogs that have never felt settled.

In many of the neurotransmitter panels that we have completed at Blue Spot Pets, we find that when anxiety disorder is present - there is a higher level of excitatory neurotransmitters than inhibitory neurotransmitters. The correct ratios between neurotransmitters are effective in providing the brain with the support it needs to combat anxiety symptoms. We find that dogs cease to experience anxiety when they receive the neurotransmitter support that they need.

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