Blue Spot Pets

Brain Wellness Program Stories

A puppy came to us with an unbalanced nervous system both on exam as well as the documentation provided in his Blue Spot Pets - Brain Wellness Report. As a holistic practitioner, I am very concerned about the level of anxiety that is present in the pet population, especially in puppies. After only a few weeks treatment according to the Blue Spot Pets protocol, Bentley showed significant improvement. My client is so excited about the results.

The support received from the Blue Spot Pets team beginning with the analysis stage and on through treatment is in a word, extraordinary.

Dr. Susan Klein
Alpine Meadows Animal Clinic
Edwards, CO

"Harvey is doing SO MUCH better!!! I really think the supplements are helping. He seems much more relaxed, not as anxious. He doesn't seem to be struggling so much with "separation anxiety" when I am gone either. He is just happier all around and so am I!!"

T.M., Austin TX

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